Smart I/O 234 Tester3

~~~~ 2022 年最新 DDR5 燒錄利器 ~Smart SPD DDR5 記憶體模組燒錄機~上市了,歡迎舊雨新知預約來試用!
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Smart I/O 234 Tester

Function Description

1 Applicable for DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 memory modules.

2 Able to run PCB layout Open/Short functions on Smart I/O or through Windows
   system easily.

3. Provide a single memory module SPD write function.

4. Portable machine allows you to use it anytime, anywhere.

5. Easy to operate with clear LCD functional interface.

6. Clear and easy understandable real-time display of memory module detecting status.

     With RamCENTER I/O testing system softw are (Windows interface), you can run Intel
     XMP for Overclocked Edtion, Compilation of Manufacturing Information, Auto-generate 
     Serial Code write and Date Code.

7. RS-232 interface can be applied to RamCENTER I/O testing system (Windows interface)
    for extend sockets board.

8. I/O test card can assist detecting the memory module Address , Data , OPEN and SHORT.